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Opening ears to the deaf community and for Autism communities

At Sign Together, we offer a fun, personalized BSL Sign Language learning service designed to accommodate learners of all levels: from basic sign language for beginners, to Level 1 BSL and Level 2 BSL for intermediate learners.

These courses are very popular with minority communites especailly deaf, autistic and LGBTQ+.  We are so proud to bring minorities together using BSL.

We empower our community to learn BSL in a methodical, approachable, enjoyable way. This includes British Sign Language teaching for schools, BSL learning for individuals, British Sign Language Qualifications Accredited by Signature and workplace BSL and Deaf Awareness training programmes.​




My name is Richard and I'm hard of hearing (deaf).

I was born with mild hearing loss, but over the years it's gotten worse. To help me communicate and understand the world, I wear two hearing aids. Before the pandemic, I managed just fine. But when we all had to wear masks and stay socially distant, communicating became a real challenge.

That's when I decided to dive deep into British Sign Language (BSL) - it's not only a necessity for me, but communicating through sign language is also just so much fun!

Picture this: you're at the end of a long workday, enjoying a cup of coffee with your partner. You're chatting away, laughing and sharing stories of the day - and here's the best part - you haven't made a sound!

Even though my wife can hear perfectly fine and I can hear most things, we still communicate in sign language about our day, where we should go on holiday, and how delicious our meal is! Honestly, if I had known how practical, helpful, expressive, and joyful BSL is, I would have learned it years ago.

And that's why I decided to start teaching sign language online and in-person. I want people like me to be able to sit in a room with friends or colleagues, keep up with conversations, and feel included, even in a noisy space. Learning sign language is empowering and a wonderful skill to have in our ever-changing world where inclusion, acceptance, and connection are so important.

So why not join me today and start your journey into learning British Sign Language?

It's an amazing language to know. I'm now qualified at BSL Level 3 with a Signature qualification. Sign Together UK is now a fully accredited Signature centre.


Where the Passion Begins



BSL Teacher and Managing Director

Richard is hard of hearing, having lost much of his hearing since childhood.

He was inspired to become a teacher of BSL after seeing the challenges faced by the deaf community during the COVID pandemic.

Teaching sign language has become his passion, helping adults and children communicate in BSL clearly and feel understood. Richard is an experienced trainer and is the lead for our courses. He teaches many of our Level 1 courses and all of our Level 2 courses. Richard has over 10 years of experience in training with adults and young people.

"Just completed the BSL Level 1. Richard is a very good tutor very easy to understand verbally and his hand movements. I was provided with good lesson material and was advised on other material online and in book form. Looking forward to starting BSL Level 2!" Nick, Swindon



BSL Level 1 Tutor & General Manager

Steph Walklett is a highly qualified and experienced teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience in primary, secondary, further education, and higher education. She is also our general manager, responsible for organizing and managing our workshops and courses. Steph designs curriculums and courses, answers queries, and handles marketing requests.

Steph is currently working on achieving her Level 3 Signature BSL Qualification, which she hopes to complete by the summer of 2023. She plans to continue her training in BSL to become a professional BSL interpreter, with a focus on performance interpretation.

"Sign Together UK is an Accredited Signature centre for BSL learning and assessment. We follow Signature's curriculum and learning objectives.  All of our tutors are appropriately qualified in BSL with relevant Signature qualifications."

Signature Accredited Courses

Get a professional BSL Qualification with Sign Together

For learners who are looking for again a professionally recognised qualification, we offer Signature accredited courses in level 1 and 2.

Signature is the UK's leading awarding body in BSL and are widely recognised and respected in the industry. We are an accredited centre and offer learning packages to help you start your journey in BSL. All of our tutors are qualified at an appropriate level with Signature qualifications in BSL.

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British Sign Language Learning from Sign Together UK

At Sign Together, our mission is to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and deaf communities. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to communicate and be understood, regardless of their hearing ability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of inclusive communication for those who depend on lip-reading and have hearing difficulties. We are committed to providing British Sign Language support to empower and connect individuals with hearing impairments.

We believe that sign language is not only essential for the deaf and hard of hearing, but can also benefit those with learning difficulties, anxiety, mental health issues, and anyone seeking an expressive and alternative way to communicate.

Our goal is to make British Sign Language accessible to everyone through our online and face-to-face tuition for adults, BSL basic learning for children, and Deaf Awareness at work for businesses. We are dedicated to supporting families with children who are deaf, hard of hearing, or use sign as a communication tool.

We envision a future where everyone can Sign Together, regardless of their hearing ability, and we are committed to making this a reality.



See us in Action! Request Your Link to our free Basics of BSL online video


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