Opening ears to the deaf community

At Sign Together, we offer a fun, personalized BSL Sign Language learning service designed to accommodate learners of all levels: from basic sign language for beginners, to Level 1 BSL and Level 2 BSL for intermediate learners.We empower our community to learn BSL in a methodical, approachable, enjoyable way. This includes British Sign Language teaching for schools, BSL learning for individuals and workplace BSL and Deaf Awareness training programmes.​




Hi, I’m Richard.
I am hard of hearing (deaf)
I was born with mild hearing loss, but my hearing loss got worse and for many years now, I’ve worn two hearing aids to help me understand the world and communicate.

I got by well enough… until the pandemic hit. Then we all had to learn to communicate through masks, hear through plastic screens and with people kept socially distant, it truly brought home just how important it was for us all to embrace another way of communication.
I deep-dived into British Sign Language as a response to the ever-greater need for us to live in an inclusive and equal world. For me, BSL it’s not only a necessity but communicating in sign is a genuine pleasure.

Imagine this: it’s been a long day at work and you’re sat enjoying a coffee with your partner. You’re chatting away, laughing and sharing stories of the day.. but here’s the best part: you’ve never made a sound!

Even though my wife hears perfectly and I can hear most things, we communicate about our day, where we should go on holiday and how delicious our meal is... all in sign language ! Truth is, if I’d had realised not only how practical and helpful, but just how fun, expressive and joyful British sign language is- I’d have learned it years ago.  

The combination of the freedom to speak, being understood and the sheer enjoyment of sign language is is what led to me deciding to teach sign online and in person. I teach sign language so that people like me can sit in room with friends or colleagues, keep up with conversations and feel part of the pack, even in a noisy space.

Learning sign language is not only empowering but is a wonderful skill to enjoy in an ever-changing world where being inclusive, acceptance and connection is so very important.

Join me today and start your journey into learning British Sign Language ...


Where the Passion Begins



Sign Language Teacher and Founder

Richard is hard of hearing, having lost much of his hearing since childhood.

Understanding the challenges faced by the deaf and hard of hearing community, he was inspired to become a teacher of British Sign Language after realising the difficulties faced by the deaf community during the COVID pandemic.

Since then, teaching sign language  has become his passion - helping adults and children communicate in BSL clearly and feel understood. Richard is an experienced trainer and our course lead.

"Just completed the BSL Level 1. Richard is a very good tutor very easy to understand verbally and his hand movements. I was provided with good lesson material and was advised on other material online and in book form. Looking forward to starting BSL Level 2!" Nick, Swindon



BSL Tutor & Schools Co-ordinator

Steph Walklett is Level 2 Signature BSL qualified and is also a fully qualified and experienced PGCE English teacher with broad experience working with primary, secondary, further education and higher education sector.

She is currently our marketing and school curriculum lead and supports our teaching in schools and nurseries.


British Sign Language Learning from  Sign Together

Sign Together offers :

  • online and face to face British sign language tuition for adults.

  • Deaf Awareness at work for small and large businesses

  • BSL basic learning for children.

  • BSL learning for families with children who are deaf, hard of hearing or use sign as a communication tool.

Our purpose

1 in 6 people in the UK have hearing difficulties. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between those of us who can hear well, and those who can't. 

This gap became very obvious to many of us during the recent global pandemic when face masks and screening were an everyday occurrence. Those like Richard who depend on lip-reading, struggled and felt isolated in a world where we all needed support.

Since beginning our sign language support service, we have discovered that it's not only people with hearing problems who benefit from British Sign Language. We have been approached by: children and adults with learning difficulties (who use sign as a empowering way to communicate), sufferers of abuse, anxiety and mental health issues (where sign offers a non-verbal way to communicate) and many hearing people who enjoy the expressiveness and simplicity of sign as a alternative way to communicate.

With more and more people wanting to learn British Sign Language - and more schools and nurseries opting to learn sign at school - it's our sincere hope that we will all soon be able to Sign Together!



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