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In Person and Online BSL Courses



All the information you need to know to start your BSL sign language learning programme ...

Our Level One British Sign Language Course is perfect for complete beginners or those who have previously studied BSL sign language and are in need of a refresher.

What is the time commitment ?

British Sign Language Courses are held weekly  45 minutes to 1 hour each week (Level 2 is 1.5 hours). There will also be an independent study task given at the end of each week, to complete at home, which we expect to take 20-30 minutes. 

Level 1 BSL courses run for 12 consecutive weeks and Level 2 BSL courses run for 16+ weeks.

What if I can't make a session or don't have time for my independent study task?

We understand that many of our student have busy lives and may occasionally miss a session or not complete the study task. Study tasks are designed to reinforce classroom learning and give you chance to reflect and work on your sign in your own time. If you're unable to complete a task, this is no problem as is simply an additional learning tool to enhance your experience of sign language learning.

Do you provide BSL resources?

Yes! We love to share everything about sign and the world of British Sign Language and many of our past students have commented on how much they enjoyed our worksheets, video library (Level 1 course) and links to websites, paper dictionaries and other resources on the web!

Are your courses accredited?

Yes,  we are an approved Signature Qualifications Centre.  However, please note, if you wish to take exams, these are charged as an separate fee at the end of your course. Your tutor will discuss with you the process for continuing onto your Signature accredited qualification.

Are sessions recorded?

British Sign Language Level 1 students will have access to a BSL video library which features a shortened version of  each week of the course including the signs learned that week without the live, interactive content. Many students have said they have found this invaluable and a great support. BSL Level 2 does not include a video library but includes web links to the appropriate sign on an online British sign language dictionary.

What is your refund policy?

If you change your mind about the course within 14 days from purchase* (see note below) you may get in touch to ask us for full refund. *Please note, if you purchased your course with less than 15 days of the course start date, this offer does not apply and no refund will be given.

Is it suitable for children and young people?

Yes! While our online course isn't specifically aimed at young people, many mature and interested young people have joined parents on the courses and thoroughly enjoyed it! We are a particularly popular choice for students undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh awards or those who themselves or family members have additional needs. We also work 1-to-1 with families, offering family learning. Get in touch for a chat if this would be something useful for you!

Can I bring a spouse or child?

We often have learners where more than one person in the household take part, while there is still a per-person charge. Parents can sit in with their child as supervision, where they are not partaking in the learning themselves. For our online tutoring, we offer family discounts for a group 1-to-1 private session.

We welcome children onto our courses and would recommend from the ages of 11+ in our of our adult courses. We can also be hired to teach at your school or youth group to teach exclusively children.

Can I try it out first?

We have a free Youtube video class for new learners to see us in action before enrolling. You can sign up on our homepage

Do I have to have previous knowledge / certificate in BSL to join your courses?

For Level 1 no previous knowledge is required, this is a beginners course and most learners will have no or little knowledge when they begin.

For Level 2 we accept learners who have some experience of sign or a past qualification and feel confident starting at this level. For the beginner student, we would always advise working through the levels in order. Please contact us if you would like to join us at Level 2 so that we can have a quick chat to assess your level of learning.

What is the content for British Sign Language Level 1 and 2 courses?

In brief, Level 1 is simple vocabulary such as basic greetings, colours, numbers and other beginners' vocabulary as outlined by the Signature qualification syllabus. Level 2 focuses on sign structure, giving you the skills to hold a conversation, present in sign and reading the signing of others'.

What do exams entail?

For Level 1 there are two exams and a checklist of skills filled out by your tutor.

  • Conversation x 2 - a recorded 5 minute conversation on your everyday life and a recorded 5 minute conversation on a topic you have studied on the course, chosen by the exam board.

For level 2, there are three exams:

  • Receptive (watching a recorded video of a member of the deaf community sign and answering questions on what they say)

  • Presentation - You perform a short presentation for your tutor on an every day topic using the vocabulary you have learned.

  • Conversation - a recorded conversation with your tutor on an everyday topic.

Sign Together is unlike some training providers in that all of our exams are individual, meaning you will be assessed and given feedback 1-to-1. Your tutor will let you know when he/she feels you are ready for your exams so you're not in the dark about whether your sign skills are advanced enough.

How do I access courses?

In Person courses - Once you have paid for your course, you'll be sent a course workbook in PDF format over email by your trainer. Please print this or put on a tablet and bring this with you when you attend one of our courses

You will receive access to the British Sign Language Video Library (Level 1 students) on week 2 of your course via email.

Online tuition: Your live BSL Sign sessions are on held on Zoom. A link and password will be sent to your email before the course. Use your link and password to enter the Zoom meeting, put the camera to "on", turn the mic to "mute" and open your "chatbox".

That's it, your all set up.

Will my trainer be deaf?

Our master trainer Richard is deaf/hard of hearing.  Richard teaches all our Level 2 Courses and some Level 1.

Stephanie is a hearing teacher and mostly teaches on our Level 1 course. Steph is Richard's partner and so has  a good understanding  of deaf issues.
She is studying her Level 4 and hopes to go on to become an interpreter. Our team is ever-expanding including many hard of hearing or profoundly deaf staff members, so do check out more information on out British Sign Language team on the about us page here



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