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Resources for all levels

Signature’s BSL Online Homework -

Sign World - online videos for receptive practise and learning sign.
Sign Station -

Signature exam board resources -

Cath Smith Books - BSL Dictionaries, flash cards and other topical BSL books with pictures.

Free PDF fingerspelling chart:

Commanding Hands, Sign Youtuber -

Deaf Online Newspaper - Limping Chicken :

Resources for Children at the National Deaf Children's Society -

Interesting article including BSL videos on Sign Names from the RNID

How to find BSL signed programming on ITV -

Sign Language

Level 1 Resources

BSL Dictionaries



Receptive Practise​


Signed Children's Stories from the Welsh Govenment in BSL and English:

Signed Children's Stories:

Sign Together's Signed children's stories:

Short Film for children -

Signed Children's Stories from the Royal Association of the Deaf -

5 BSL receptive Videos -


Basic Greetings in BSL -
Fingerspelling Game
Flashcards and other downloads from the Signature Exam Board
10 minute Level 1 lesson from SIgnature, great for gesture and expression learning

Sign Together UK Videos

Pride signs :

The alphabet with Richard :

Basic numbers with Richard:

Colours with Richard:


Conference Call with Sign Language

Level 2 and Beyond Resources

Receptive Practise

The Silent Child, Oscar Nominated Short Film on Youtube :

BSL Zone, Deaf Television programming

5 BSL receptive Videos -

Interesting documentaries on Deaf History on BSL Zone -


Useful websites for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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