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British Sign Language for Colleges and Universities

Invite a BSL tutor to your college or university for student or staff enrichment training in British Sign Language


1-3 Hour Short Workshops

Our short workshops cover some basic signs such as greetings, the alphabet and numbers, alongside some Deaf awareness training on how to be more inclusive to people with hearing impairments.


Full Day Workshops

These can be delivered for one group as a extended 1/2 day with more emphasis on sector specific vocabulary and situations.

We can also repeat a shorter workshop several times to different groups.

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Level 1 and Level 2 Courses

Work weekly or over a shorter timeframe to achieve Level 1 beginners and Level 2 improvers level of British Sign Language



Deaf awareness workshops are interactive sessions designed to educate participants about deaf culture, communication barriers, and the importance of inclusivity. We also teach you some British Sign Language signs!


These workshops cover : basics BSL signs for your to use, lip-reading techniques, and effective communication strategies with deaf or hard of hearing individuals.

Through engaging activities and discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of how to create accessible and inclusive environments for the deaf community.

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