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British Sign Language for Nursery School

Invite a BSL tutor to your nursery school and support students or staff with beginners training in British Sign Language


Short Classes for The Children

Short 20-25 minute sessions with listen-and-repeat learning, using cards, pictures, songs and age-appropriate signing of children's books. Staff are welcome to join in and learn with the children! Our staff are like an in-house Mr Tumble, minus the dressing up!


Staff Training Workshops

1/2 Day or full day sector-specfic training for staff including Deaf awareness training to help you support little ones and staff with hearing difficulties.

Auditory Training


Deaf awareness workshops are interactive sessions designed to educate participants about deaf culture, communication barriers, and the importance of inclusivity. We also teach you some British Sign Language signs! 

These workshops cover : basics BSL signs for your to use, lip-reading techniques, and effective communication strategies with deaf or hard of hearing individuals.

Through engaging activities and discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of how to create accessible and inclusive environments for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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